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            _________________ (the 'Seller') agrees to sell to ___________________ (the 'Buyer') the (make, model, and year of vehicle) (the 'Vehicle'), vehicle identification number _____________, in consideration for and pursuant to the following terms:
            The date of the sale of the Vehicle shall be _______________.
            The total purchase price of the Vehicle shall be __________________________ dollars ($_________).
            On the day of the sale, the Buyer shall pay to the Seller the total purchase price of the Vehicle by cashier’s check, money order, or cash.
            The Seller shall provide to the Buyer the following documents upon receipt of the total purchase price on the day of the sale: the Certificate of Title, the current Registration, a Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement, and a current smog certificate. The Seller shall be responsible for paying all past due registration fees and shall deliver the Vehicle to Buyer with a current registration and a clear title. The Seller also shall arrange to have all necessary smog inspections performed, at the Seller’s expense, before the day of the sale.
            The Vehicle is sold 'as is,' and the Seller makes no express or implied warranties as to the condition or performance of the Vehicle.
            The Buyer shall register the Vehicle in his/her name with the California Department of Motor Vehicles within one week of the date of the sale.
            Executed this ______ day of __________, ___, at _________________, California.

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